LaShae Boyd
Sacramento, CA
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    9 y.o.
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    4' 9''
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    110 lbs
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It's LaShae here! My dream is to become a successful actress. My mom started me on this journey when I was 3 but I wasn't prepared to act in a room full of strangers. I only done my silly skits in front of family. I'm 9 now & I'm ready to make my dreams come true. I'm so excited to meet & work with you. I'm a energetic quirky blast to be around. I love to sing, act, & dance don't matter what kind of music is playing I want to get up & dance to it. So let's dance!!
Audition for iPop made it to final list of 25 out of 1500 people
Drawing, Designing Clothes, Working Out, Baking
Dancing, Singing , Acting