Braydin Janusz
Olympia, WA
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  • Age:
    14 y.o.
  • Height:
    4' 8''
  • Weight:
    77 lbs
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I'm an almost 11 year old boy who is in 4th grade. I consider myself a strong individual especially beciause I've encountered my dad dieing last July 2017 of brain tumors and I am moving forward the best I can with my mom's undivided help. I love soccer, basketball, fishing, art, traveling, bouncing on my dad's trampoline he willed to me and now acting which I started here recently and did one skit at my school in Pinocchio and loved it so much I asked my mom to put me in another one for summer.
As I shared before in "about me" I asked my mom to put me in another acting skit for the summer which will be James and the giant peach. In 2014 I was in dance with hip-hop, i'm on musically a lot doing fun videos just messing around and I also have a YouTube channel that I just have fun and trying to get better with so I can get a lot of likes. I also started piano lessons about eight months ago, I first started with guitar just felt a little bit heavy I've taken on to both of them very well.
I love art and numbers in math. I like my Nintendo switch that my big brother got for me. I've played a lot of soccer and also tried basketball and liked that a lot too. I collect cat things and really love my two cats a lot. I like seeing how things work with taking them apart and putting them back together. I like listening to music with my mom in the morning which is the Beatles, Jack Johnson and smooth jazz but my favorite is the Beatles and hip hop music.
I can dance, I'm learning to sing and act I can make fun cool voices and alter my voice, I love playing the piano which I just started and I'm getting better and think I'm pretty good for a beginner. I can be pretty good on my trampoline which my dad taught me since I was two. My video I submitted was just me playing around and not showing perfection.