Bernangie Valenzuela
Lanoka Harbor, NJ
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  • Age:
    17 y.o.
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    5' 4''
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    115 lbs
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My name is Bernangie, I'm 14 years old and was born in Kissimmee, Florida. When I was young age I was taking to my parents country Dominican Republic and I was brought back 2 years ago. Currently I'm in 9th grade and struggling a little with my accent.
Music it's my life and I'm also very organized.
I consider my self A fun, outgoing girl.And love to entertain. Love fashion,singing, dancing and making videos. I think I'm able to work under any circumstances and I am good following directions.
I have no professional experience. But ive always put up shows when there is any events, sort of like being a producer, I write the scrips, set the activities and give everyone their roles, I've been doing this with family and friends since very little. Also I've been a choreographer for dance presentations at school and events.
My hobbies are: Dancing on just dance Wii U and I love to make funny videos on I'm also working on my YouTube channel ( upcoming).
Dance- sing- funny Vines- and acting.