Janiyah Marsh
Brooklyn, NY
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    7 y.o.
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    34 lbs
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I am from Brooklyn New York. I am a fun, loving, smart, outgoing and energetic 7 year old. I enjoy playing with my friends, having play . I enjoying being in the pool and going to water parks with my family. I have a young brother who is 3 years old and I enjoy being a big sister. I help my mom with my little brother. I love taking picture and posing for the cameras. I enjoy eating out at different restaurants. I love playing at the park with my little brother and having fun.
No industry experience.
I love dancing and enjoy dancing with my mom to reggae, soca and hip hop songs. also enjoy doing gymnastics and playing with slime in my free time. I enjoy watching Disney channel watching YouTube and making my own YouTube. I also enjoy riding my bike and using my scooter. In my free time I paint my nails and I do dress up
Many of my talents include dancing, singing, riding my bike, and modeling