Zaura Turner Armour
Aliquippa, PA
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    6 y.o.
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I am a bit small for my age but so big minded loving to do things on my own I'm Verry determined , extra smart , super funny , great at fake crying to get what I want.
I have no experience but everywhere I go people suggest or recommend my mommy to put me in modeling or they would say she needs to be on a cartoon with her own show , literally everywhere we go people just love love love Zaura !
I love to watch youtube , I love to paint and color, dancing and singing is my thing. I enjoy riding my Scooter around my mommy's apartment, I like to shoot and bounce my ball and running really fast.
I am a natural beauty, I love to take pictures. I'm always entertaining people and grasping their attention. I am young and put no effort into this but it's real & as Her mom I will not let her down!!