Makaio Santiago
Somerset, NJ
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    4 y.o.
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My name is Makaio Angel Williams , I am 20 months old and I live in Somerset , New Jersey. At Birth I was born with a heart deffect , at 4 months I had to undergo a open heart surgery . I'm still young but after the surgery I grew into such a big boy . I'm very energetic and silly . Playing with my cousins and friends at school is one of my favorite things to do. I love to play with any type of ball. Anything round and can roll is considered a ball in my eyes . A 20 month old dedicated athlete !
I have 0 experience in the industry but I love to be infront of the camera when mommy is taking pictures . Very photogenic
I love to play with any type of sports balls. Basketball and soccer are my absolute favorite !
During circle time in school I love to sing nursery rhymes and read the book "wheels on the bus".
Playing sports and dancing