Prince Brown
Muskogee, OK
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    3 y.o.
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    25 lbs
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My sons Name is Prince Caspian Burgess Brown, he's 30 inches tall and 25 pounds of pure healthiness, he's African American, American Indian (Cherokee) and puertorican. He is a 1 year old, has the warmest smile, most charming green/blue eyes, and softest blonde hair for a baby boy. He has the effect to light up a room when he's in it, lots of smiles and laughs.
No industry experience, this is new to me. I love taking pictures and so many people have told me to put Prince into modeling along with kidscastings link lol, I feel really good about what's in play and think he may really have a shot at this.
You would think this would be hard considering he's only one, but Prince actually has hobbies lol. He loves singing along (baby version) during praise and worship at church even at home. Prince can throw and kick a ball his favorites are soccer and basketballs, he loves being outdoors and playing chase!
Prince's talents would have to be throwing a ball so well, he can take 20+ steps before becoming off balance. He can jump, dance, sing, blow & give kisses, gives hugs and high 5s, smile when he sees the flash of a camera, he can say "momma" "dada" "grandma" "hot" "thank you"& "no no" (while shaking his head). Prince is so talented to be a year old, he amazes me everyday. All in all he's very Photo genic, loves taking pictures and looking at himself in a mirror.