Daniel Adonis Montoya Perez
Orlando, FL
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    3 y.o.
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I am a newborn. I smile a lot. I smile when people look at me and make funny faces. I have an older brother and my mommy and daddy love me very much. My mommy stays home with me all day making sure I have everything I need so I'm ready to work. Mom takes pictures and videos of all day and I already know what to do when I see a camera. My mommy thinks I'm the brightest baby. I like to believe I am, would you want to exactly how clever I am?
I'm brand spankin' new but I know how to charm a crowd.
I love music and seeing my older brother make funny faces at me. Boy do I love to eat. I can't really think of anything else I like to do these days but eat, eat, eat!
My mommy says that me smiling on demand is a real talent at my age. I'm a happy baby.