Jared Green
Prairieville, LA
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    17 y.o.
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    5' 6''
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    219 lbs
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My name is Jared "JKG" Green I'm the best known by my fellow Youtubers as an actor, voice actor, and musician. Ever since I first laid my eyes on movies, I thought to myself, "What if I were in that story?" or "I want to be in that story or adventure." To start my journey of becoming an actor, I had to start small. I managed to make voicing roles for a few mini-series on YouTube. But as of today, I'm presently working hard becoming a professional actor in the future.
Currently, I am taking voice acting classes in middle school, as well as an elective course in my school known as Fine Arts Survey, in which we study and practice the art of plays and acting. Next year, when I transition over to high school, I will be taking Theatre and acting elective courses.
In my spare time from everyday life, I love to voice over and dub off videos from YouTube, as well as famous movies and tv shows. My most recent one was a Sonic the Hedgehog voice dub, in which I portrayed Metal Sonic. I also work on music covers, in which I do vocals, and often times, I might compose the music. I also work on a miniseries myself. I also try to make use of my green screen, by acting like I'm in an action movie, then I edit the scene to make it come out perfect
I have a true talent for singing, but I'm also a great actor, voice actor, and musician. I started acting by playing a small minor role in a play for our church. And as I got older, I started looking towards the professional stage of acting, by starting off with voice acting for many series on YouTube. Acting, in my opinion, is what a feel like I'm destined to become. And it's kind of an addiction. I'm really looking forward to what my acting, voice acting, and music career hold in the future.