Gianna Rodriguez
Houston, TX
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    9 y.o.
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My name is Gianna and I am very outgoing. I am not shy. I am spontaneous and the life of the party. My mom says I'm goofy because I like to make people laugh. I am very smart for my age. I make friends wherever I go because I'm just that friendly. My best features are my smile, my personality, and my hair.
I did a commercial shoot in Milwaukee Wisconsin where we used to live, for cream city casting. It was a commercial for Mount Mary College. I had a blast. I kept getting casting calls for more shoots but we moved to Houston.
Dancing. I love to dance! I also love to color, play cards, play outside with my friends, and read. I have a ton of books. I used to play soccer for my school before I moved. I want to join a team here when the season starts.
My biggest talent is acting. I always put on shows for my family and I also like to make videos. I make people laugh no matter where I go.