Addison Knight
Laguna Beach, CA
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    12 y.o.
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    50 lbs
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My name is Addison Knight and I am 9 years old. I have always wanted to be on television because I think it would be so awesome to be someone else while on a show or movie! Besides, who would want to pass up the opportunity to be a superhero, fairy, mermaid, or be the heroic little girl who survived a zombie or werewolf apocalypse?
I love to read, play with my enchantimals, go bike riding with my mommy, hiking, jet skiing, skiing, sparring, ice and roller skating, horseback riding, writing books on animals, and arts and crafts!
I am a purple belt in jujitsu, figure skating, roller skating, singing, gymnastics, cheerleading, and I am highly educated with anything to do with animals. I am also a very good speaker, as well as capable of being a great listener and following directions.