Mia Mei-Li Hsiung-garvey
Deerfield Beach, FL
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    4 y.o.
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    21 lbs
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My name Is Mia Mei-Li Hsiung-Garvey and i am quarter Chinese, quarter Indian and Caucasian, at home we speak Hebrew, Chinese and English. everyone tells me that i am a very pretty baby and that i should model so mommy decided to take the chance and sign me up. Im very curious about everything others do, im very independent baby. i started walking when i was 8.5 months old and from then i cannot stop running, food is my favorite thing in the world. im not picky i will try and eat everything i can
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I love animals they make me laugh, i love exploring everything and anything outdoors whenever i can . The water calms me and relaxes me so i enjoy the pool, i dont care much for the sea as much as i do to the pool , i dont like the taste of the salty water or having salt in my eyes but i do love to sleep at the beach.
when mommy or daddy plays music i just dance, i dance and i clap it makes me happy, i love all music and im trying to play some too .
Eating everything and anything :)