Sophie Mendez
Atlanta, GA
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    5 y.o.
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    35 lbs
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I love to smile for the camera and take pictures! I'm a very bubbly little girl and I'm very loving with my family especially my parents.
I like to help with whatever I can but I can't do much since I'm only 4 :)
Ever since I was 2 years old I loved dress up play I still do. I'm very energetic and I love being on the move around. Thinking about it I really don't get tired. :)
I play hide-and-seek and play wrestling with my aunty.
I like to dance when I hear music, I can be shy but then I get a little crazy LOL :)
When I get daddy's phone I sneak a few funny, goofy and nice looking pictures... shhhhh dont tell him.. :p
I love to learn new things every day. I'm very energetic, sometimes I can be a little stubborn but I'm just 4! :)
My family and friends say I'm a photogenic little girl.