Desire Barney
Dublin, GA
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    9 y.o.
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Desire is constantly trying new strategies to solve problems. She works well with others to solve or to find a solution. She is self confident and is able to make her own choices. She follows simple rules and works with materials carefully. She loves being a part of activities, especially small and large group activities. She is curious and very eager to learn. She manages transitions and shows self control. She is very social and enjoys talking with others.
Unfortunately she has no industry experience at this time
Desire's hobbies include drawing, writing, painting, basically anything that has to do with art she is all for it. She also likes playing computer games and playing on her nabi. She enjoys listening to stories and telling them too. She likes to play on playgrounds and really enjoys watching tv.,
Desire can count by ones and tens and state the amount of quantities up to 20. She recognizes and completes AB patterns. She knows positional words and her shapes. She can pick up on dances fast and can sing a little bit too.