Laci Wygant
Camden Wyoming, DE
Profile ID: 4445396

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    14 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 2''
  • Weight:
    145 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
Outgoing and artsy. Loves being outside and active. Always looking for something new to try. She is constantly working to learn new dance techniques, improve her field hockey skills and create new art. She has wanted to be an actor or model for years.
Laci dances with a local dance studio. She previously cheered with Pop Warner for two years. As a member of the school chorus she performed chorus concerts locally for four years. She is a beginning trumpet player and has been playing at school band concerts for the past three years. She performed cheer competitions in multiple states. She has danced at competitions up the east coast. She is using Scenebot to practice her acting skills.
competitive jazz dance, field hockey, playing the trumpet, art (drawing/painting), Girl Scouts, mentoring a younger Girl Scout troop, Odyssey of the Mind competitor, acting.
Laci learns new dance techniques easily and practices them on her own to perfect her skill. She writes and memorizes scripts easy for school projects and Odyssey of the Mind. Laci thinks outside of the box and will find multiple ways to do things, she's constantly striving to learn new things.