Saniyah Baker
College Park, MD
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    2 y.o.
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I love to smile, I am a very friendly baby. I enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy story time. I look forward to my daily photo shoots with mommy because she dresses me up really pretty. I like to take pictures on snap chat because the filters are super cool and fun. One of my favorite things to do is watch cartoons and go to church. Lastly, I really look forward to eating my bananas, peas, chicken and mango. I pray God will bless me to be on T.V one day so I can impact so many lives.
No professional experience as of yet. I post pictures and videos on social media. Now that I am now 7 months; I plan on gaining experience by going to local casting calls; while networking to gain knowledge and understanding of the industry. The more T.V the more motivation I get. I was born for this. God blessed with adorable looks and a kind heart. I love being around people of all ethnicities, and different walks of life. I am very determined and eager to start my journey as a model.
Modeling, watch T.V, play with toys
Taking beautiful pictures and making videos