Dontay Anderson Jr
Cleveland, OH
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    14 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 6''
  • Weight:
    135 lbs
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I was born Nov 12. 2003,
I started school late in about 2009 I was 6 in kindergarten
I started dancing to James Brown in 2011
Our landlord was playing it and "I had got the feelin"
In 2012 I found a person named Michael Jackson
I learned and learned about him and started practicing his dance moves
Those years I danced at talent shows and parties,and even weddings
In 2015 after the movie N.W.A came out I wanted to become a rapper so I did
Me and my friends made a rap group we wrote songs but when u 1st start you aren't good
Couple months later I changed the name to H.B.O a group Eazy-e created but never got recognized
That same year around the same time I got onto vine...and dub smash where i made funny vids
In late 2017 I thought to myself and said "I'm a funny guy I should do vines and become more funnier everyone's opinion is different but I love doing it,its like my job"
In 2018 now and Jan 14th at 1:55 a.m Im writing this haha but I need 1 chance jus 1!
I worked at a restaurant for 7 months in 2017 it's called "Meechies soul food"
Thats was a tough job I learned how to cook also
That's when I realized i was definitely funny but I didn't take that into consideration
I don't knkw but i danced at 2 weddings
I was involved in 2 talent shows
I danced at 3 parties
I love cooking
I love playing basketball
I love cleaning
I love rapping
I am a comedian,dancer,self-taught basketball player so yes i am trash lol jk,I know how to cook,I know how to rap,I am a poet,I know I have a dream that I'm chasing and will fight til the end and I'm not giving up I want 1 good shot just 1 good shot I promise I'll make it for both of us Mr...or Ms.Agent..