Amelie Alekseyeva
Seattle, WA
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    11 y.o.
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    4' 6''
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    56 lbs
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Hello, my name is Amelie Alekseyeva. I am 10 years old, and I love acting. I was born in America but my second language is Russian. My dad is a professional comedian/actor who starred in a Russian comedy show back in the days and is currently participating in shows and plays. He always teaches me a lot of his tricks to acting and we really enjoy telling a lot of jokes and i learn a lot from watching his performances. I also really enjoy dancing. I have been doing it ever since i was 2 and participated in two dance groups. Most of my time I either spend it dancing, or acting and creating scenarios and skits with my best friend. Disney channel is my by far favorite show and I watch it every day after school.
Some of my hobbies are dancing, which I love to do on my free time. I also love to stretch and do yoga before and after dancing. Another hobby of mine is acting and preforming small skits with my best friend and sister. I enjoy making movies with my step-brother.
Dancing, Acting, Cooking