Emily Woody
Ringgold, GA
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    13 y.o.
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    90 lbs
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I go to heritage middle school in Ringgold GA, I run track and field and cross country. I have done gymnastics so I can do backflips and other flexible things. My dream is to become an actor so that I can show I am stronger than others think and that I can do things too. I am in 8th grade and I love to help others.I make sure to show my best side even though I am very dedicated to acting.I am in a lot of clubs like FFA, FCA, Spanish club, renaissance commitee, and welcoming commitee.I also sing.
I don't have a lot of industry experience but I hope to get more experience with this opportunity. Thank you!
I love to read and write. I love to do sports like Track and field, cross country, gymnastics,self-taught contortion, dance, fast pitch, and I like to stay active. I love to act around in my home of tv shows and movie scenes. I am also an artist by heart.
Gymnastics,self-taught contortion, running, cooking, writing, art, and dancing.