Jaron Johnson
Brooklyn, NY
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    3 y.o.
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    31 lbs
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My name is Jaron Anthony Johnson. I am 2 years old. My mommy's family is from Puerto Rico & my daddy's family is from Jamaica yes thats right I'm a mixed baby I am currently in daycare, which I love .. I am very energized & always willing to learn new things!! I also love Mickey Mouse, pj masks , Moana & more! My favorite foods are Mac & cheese & shrimp!! Yummmm! I reside in the big Apple NYC & I still live with my parents
I am very photogenic, i have taking professional photographs with several photographers.
Eating, drinking, watching some of my very movies such as Moana, Baby Boss, and many other Dreamwork's productions.
Although i am only 2 years old i still have Talents. I can walk, talk, draw, and my comprehension skills at my age are quite impressive. My talents are unlimited because i learn very quickly.