Jy'Rah Shaddi Grimes
Texas City, TX
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  • Age:
    9 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 11''
  • Weight:
    36 lbs
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I am 7 years old and in the 1st grade. I can read very good. In fact I was given a reading test by my school district and it was discovered that I can read better than 92 precent of children my age nationally. I have the ability to memorize long speeches, which I do all the time for church. I have been in gymnastics since I was 3 years old. I love dressing up, playing in makeup, taking pictures and I love animals.
I attend John Casablancas Modeling Agency. I attended these classes: Walk, Stance, 1/2 Turn, Posture, Monologue Approval, Monologue Revision, Photo posing/, Photo Shoot Head Shots, Marketing/Self-Promotion, Agents Resume, 800 Casting, Runway Techniques: Stride, Twists, Pivots, posing, Photo Posing, Photo-Shoot Body Shoot, On Camera Commercials/Cold Read, Intro to sides, Emotions, Voice Projections and Runway Techniques: Flares/Back-step and On Camera Film: Sides/teleprompter
My hobbies include singing in the church choir, being a Girl Scout, gymnastics, reading and caring for my pet dog Lulu.
My talents include gymnastics and my ability to memorize long speeches.