Marissa Linscott
Quincy, WA
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  • Age:
    14 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 1''
  • Weight:
    118 lbs
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I'm a 14 yr old girl who wants to pursue and acting. Miracles can happen. Correct?
I've been in 5 plays. Three being wizard of Oz when I was 5-8 yrs old. Secret of the Garden at 9. Rapunzel at 11 (main roll). Fun on 42nd street (main roll). Also was in a movie commercial for our local movie theatres. Auditioned for Seattle Talent and was accepted.
Acting, singing, playing my uke, playing with my dogs, drawing, dancing, meeting new people, hanging out with my friends, and being weird/funny
Well, I'm certainly good at acting. I can play my ukulele. Can nail an Australian, Russian, and British accent. Singing is also a good one of mine. And being generally funny ;)