Nikeidra Townsend
Sanford, NC
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My name is nikeidra kiara Townsend and I am 13yrs old since I was 6 years old I loved to model but for some reason I I grew older I realized I wanted to get back it the business and step up my game I wanna be on tv I am only a beginner and I think I would be a good actor if I had practice and someone to have patience with me I have 3brothers and 1sister my brothers are all older and my sister is the youngest. And I live with my mom I have two pets both dogs and they are both girls
@6 years and younger my grandma signed me up for modeling but it was just a little silly thing at the mall and I actually one 1st place but I actually took it serious and recently I went to a modeling place but i didn't quite get into it because of the prices and unconvince
I like to do hair
I dance (not perfect)
I like to write poems and story's
I cook
I don't really have any talents but I can scream really loud and do voice warm ups to a high pitch level