Gideon Wimes
Fort Pierce, FL
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    1 y.o.
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    20 lbs
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Hi my name is Gideon Wimes I am a energetic, charismatic and handsome 9month old I know I am a perfect fit for your company because I am a fast and eager learner already at a young age and often my mom gets asked by strangers if they could take a picture of me and my contagious smile, I still have more to learn and I would like to take this journey with your help and guidance. I would be honored to be able to meet with you in person so you can see how great it would be to have me on your team. Hope to see you soon.
I am new to the industry but I have been asked to have my picture taken with various strangers throughout my day, not to mention being the main attraction for my families personal photo shoots.
Eating, playing with family and friends, exploring, discovering and learning about this new world I am in.
So far my greatest talent is being able to put a smile on any face I encounter but I am sure I will soon discover my other hidden talents.