Dani Alexandra Hopson
Avon, NY
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  • Age:
    12 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 1''
  • Weight:
    115 lbs
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I'm 11 years old I was born on (march 11th 2006) I was born in Dansville hospital, I was raised in a small town name Avon NY I go to Avon middle school I'm about to be a 6th grader I have lots of friends I love bright and dark colors but I think all colors are beautiful. I have won a few awards in school for my kindness and other things . I love to express my self, and I love to be my self around anyone , I'm flexible and I'm going to be a cheerleader , I can speak a little French and Spanish , I have try my best to get good grades but I'm a A - B student . I do cores in school love to do theater.I love to stand up for my friends and I'm all ways happy cause I like to keep my head up and I haven't broken any rules and I try making every body happy , I love to express my self threw singing , and I have been pick to travel to sing in front of people and m most thing I hate is sticky -ness .
I don't have any experience TV but I do have experience with acting in plays.
I don't have much hobbies but I love to do poetry and drawing real model body figures I love to cheer not a big fan of running , I love to game some times and I love doing homework and I mostly love to sing out my heart.
I don't have much talents but I love o draw when I'm upset and I have won a few awards for poetry and my most best talent is singing .