MaXimus l O'rion Flint
Loma, CO
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    8 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 7''
  • Weight:
    49 lbs
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Active lifestyle , crafty, and loves gardening with mom . MaXimus has a very good hard worker. We live in an area of ranchers, farmers. We are organic and healthy eating folks. MaX loves to drive his four wheeler around the yard and hiking and fishing.
Fresh meat ... Would love the opportunity to start. Thank you. MaXimus L'Orion Flint and my mommy
Hiking trails, riding my bike s, building with Legos. Making sand models, MaXimus is an adventurer. Loves playing with his big sister, and talks alot about the new baby coming.MaX is smart and a quick learner.loves helping anymore in trouble or in need. MaXimus wants to be a cop someday. There real heroes, like batman my favourite. He says.We build forts and play in the water and dirt. Another favourite.I am learning karate and good skills. All around a beautiful great kid ready for anything .
Smiling and laughing and being silly. Helping people. Driving my four wheeler. Cooking with mom . I love helping her cook food .