Eileen a
New York, NY
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    8 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 8''
  • Weight:
    44 lbs
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Hi. I am a NYC kid tirelessly pursuing my career as a kid at the moment. Open to new adventures, wearing my high heels, glitter and shine. I make my own Movies for my family. I'm always happy. I love JoJo Siwa, Make up and hair styling light up my life. Check out my videos and photos.
Back to School for KOHLS Facebook live and photo shoot.
Gymnastics and ballet. (no classes yet) You-tubing and love Jo Jo Siwa. Make up sessions with Mam. Painting and drawing. I am an excellent swimmer.
singing, dancing, travelling, patient and fun, strong swimmer. Great disposition and strong leadership skills. A listener. Great speaker - advanced for age. Competitive and confident - includes everyone. Open to instruction and simply not shy.