Drew Richard
Louisburg, NC
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  • Age:
    8 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 8''
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    42 lbs
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My name is Drew Richard and I am the
Age of 5 years.I live in Louisburg n.c just outside of Raleigh n.c..I have been modeling for a year now and taking acting workshops with my modeling as well.I have been to Imta in Los ANGELOS in January 2018 and competed in 12 different competitions. While I was there not only did I get chosen for the Official IMTA la 2018 fashion show I won 4 metals in the top 10 percent.High fashion runway,TV reel,TV screen and Jean's runway where my metals.
Runway Model

Fashion Model

Photo shoots

Acting classes 2017-current

Achievements and Awards

Little Ninjas class(Karate/martial arts

September 2016-October 2017.

Received Ninja of the month

3 times and received 7 belts

Performs Martial Arts on Stage

Advanced to Young Dragons Oct.2017currently working toward black belt .

Attended Imta in La 2018

Won 4 medals

Work Experience

Mama Afrika Festival

Runway model

3 Fashion Show at Southern Womens Show
Martial Arts
Runway Model
Photo shoots
Martial arts,sports, acting ,modeling and Doing flips.I am very comedian like always making people laugh..I love to laugh every day and always telling jokes..