Amelia Keel
Atlanta, GA
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    1 y.o.
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  • Weight:
    24 lbs
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Sometimes I am known as "Grumpy Cat" because I Look mad, but give me just a little attention and you will get a big smile or a huge laugh. I have been told I am the most "chill" baby ever, I only get grumpy around 7pm when it's bath time and my mommy won't hurry up and bathe me (because I loveeee water). I am also a little chubby, my favorite foods are: sweet potatoes, pears and chicken. I love my doggies and kitties, they make me laugh the most. I am curious and adventurous, at only a year I already like to use the slide in my playroom!
I'm a year old, what are you talking about?!?
I love the outdoors, if I can be outside I am happy. I also like music, animals (check out the video of me laughing at my doggies) and dressing up!
Being fabulous!