Paisley Mingle
Jacksonville, NC
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    5 y.o.
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I'm a four year old military brat. Both my parents are U.S. Marines, and my father is currently deployed. I have an older brother Damion, who is 13, and an older step sister who is 14. I love my three dogs, Chevy, a Saint Bernard, Ruby, a chocolate lab, and Dallas, a Doxie. I have family all over the United States. I'm currently awaiting preschool registration in the fall.
Playing with my dachshund named Dallas. I love helping mom bake and shop at the grocery store! I enjoy visiting our neighbor, Ms. Liz, who has a daughter I'm best friends with because I get to play with her. Her name is Isabella! I also enjoy staying in touch with my daddy who is serving overseas in Romania by calling him through FaceTime.
I can impersonate my older brother and family. I love to act like my mom!