Rameses Haynes
Central Islip, NY
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    3 y.o.
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    24 lbs
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Hi everyone I am Rameses Zyaire Haynes. I was born August 11th, 2015. I am 2 years old with to vocabulary of a 5 year old. On my Father side I am the only child . I attend daycare during the day at Tutortime in Ny. All the teachers love me there and pretty much everywhere I go. I'm a people person what can I say. On My mothers side I have a large family with 2 sisters ,1 brother and plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles. I love to make people smile, I seem to bring light everywhere I go. I'm excited to grow and learn more and experience life. I am a very fast Learner and love to do things on my own. I have a large vocabulary for a kid my age ...
I have none at the moment
I enjoy riding my rocking horse. I love to read books , I like to draw, sing my abcs. I really love to take pictures.
Brighten up the entire room. Pretty much anything you can show me or need me to do at 2.