Jasslyn Rodriguez Figueroa
Methuen, MA
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    13 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 3''
  • Weight:
    110 lbs
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Jasslyn Rodriguez was born May 11, 2005, Jasslyn lives in Massachusetts with her mother, sister and grandmother, and attends Guillemet Middle School, Jasslyn is in the seventh grade, and her favorite subjects are music and math. The first time we noticed there was something different about the way Jasslyn enjoys music she was 1yr old at the 2006 Hanna Montana concert. Her reaction caught everyone attention despite, the fact that she was not able to articulate the lyrics, she was singing and dancing on top of her mother laps like she was the main act. At the age of five, Jasslyn began vocal, piano and dance classes, and was showing early promise as a musical talent. When she was 5yrs Jasslyn met singer Demi Lovato backstage at one of Lovato's shows, and as young musician she found added inspiration. Later on at the age of 8yrs Jasslyn met singer Ariana Grande and she knew at that moment she was born to performer
Jasslyn has participated in many young artist training programs, for example; Berklee College of Music Day Sessions: Young Performer under Paula Gallitano; The Boston Children's Theater "Intermediate Musical Theater" under Chris Cavello. Jasslyn is attending Bristol Recording and Voice Studios/Artist Development, under Ric Poplin. Jasslyn recent appearances include "God Bless America (City Mayor Inauguration); Man in the Mirror (City Councilor Christmas Drive for Puerto Rican Children); Rollin' in the Deep, Lead Singer, the Red Room at Cafe 939 Berklee College of Music". As part of the LPS Junior Honor Choir Jasslyn have had solos at National Teacher Conference, Washington Convention Center DC; Massachusetts State House; Harvard's Memorial Church