Liza Prosvirova
ID: 1850176
Los Angeles, CA
  • Gender:
  • Age:
    12 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 0''
  • Weight:
    56 lbs
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Hello there! My name is Liza and I'm 11 years old. Ever since I was little I have been building up my acting career. Finally, all my hard work payed off. I started getting audition requests, being in photo shoots and so much more. It's so much fun! But I'm not done striving yet, there is more to come.
I've been on a lot of auditions yet not all chose me. There are a thousand
other boys and girls auditioning everyday for a role so most likely there are chances that other people that have been acting for a long(er) time will have a better chance. I have gotten many roles before. For example, Bette Middler, Epicarcaty, SimpleSmart, KarmaDog and much more! Still Striving and doing my best.
Okay so... There are like a million things that I love to do but let me name at least 5 of them. So I like making putty/slime which most of you probably love by now too. The next thing is I acting. It helps build my confidence and speaking skills. The third is, I really like to go to the pool with some of my friends. Fourth. Drawing. Whatever it is: Cats,dogs, flowers, unicorns, you name it! And last but not least, is volunteering at places: parties, shelters, events for charity. But there's like a bunch more.
You keep changing. Be you.
Here are some of my talents.
Martial Arts. Helps strengthen your mind, body and, spirit.
Tennis: Works hands, timing and gives energy.
Writing. I mean like literally look. I wrote four whole boxes of stuff. So.
Cooking: Want some home made pasta huh?
Comedian: See. I have very good puns. And jokes.