Akayda Greaves
Snellville, GA
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    12 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 1''
  • Weight:
    93 lbs
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Akayda Madison Greaves is a
10 yrs old model, actress, dancer, singer and future entrepreneur. Akayda loves to strut the runway and always ready for a photo shoot!! She is also very involved in her community and the Arts. Akayda attends Channel of Blessing Outreach Apostolic Ministries and is apart of the praise dance team. Akayda's hobby is to cook, she is always watching the cooking channel and all the shows. Akayda makes and prepares meal for her family. She is the 5th grade Ambassador at her school Ivy Preparatory Academy, former 4H vice president member and past pagent winner of the shine bright pagent. She currently can be seen featured on Sleepy Hollow, A-town Nikki and Daytime Divas. Akayda has been features in print twice in Wild Child Magazine and YI real world Fashion Magazine. Akayda has won 2 years in a row the PTA reflection in music composition at the district and state level. She was also nominated by her teachers for the leadership award and to represent her school in the Agnes Scott College stem program. Akayda is also business minded, she is always looking for a way to create and sell her creations. She currently has a business called A-Slimes which includes making all different types of slimes such as color and texture. She sells these slimes to students at her school and her brothers school. Akayda is also a member of the Diamond Trio dance group which specializes in majorette dancing. Look out for her this summer as she expands her brand by creating and designing her own line which includes handbags, shirts and shoes. This summer she will also be shooting "Best of Enemies" movie and looking for further her drive to excel in business and her craft.
Actress - "Words" short film Lead character Jasmine September 2017
Actress- " Best of Enemies " classmate - shooting june 15/16 2017

Actress-Sleepy Hollow - featured school child
Season 4 episode 12

Actress-Daytime Divas- featured pageant girl
Airs on June 5th, 2017, episode 10

Actress- A- town Nicki - school child December 2016

Actress- The Wiz (school play)

NYFW - runway on fire/ SMG Global catwalk 2017
Legendary awards 2017
Denimndeserts 2017
Model for a cure 2016, 2015
Fashion4wardz - 2016
Atlanta Kids playing the runway 2016
Bella Dream Dolls 2017
Ultimate makeover 2017
Modeling, dancing, acting, singing, designing, cooking and traveling.
Modeling, Acting, dancing, singing, cooking