Calimay Grecu
Oxnard, CA
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    5 y.o.
  • Height:
    4' 0''
  • Weight:
    22 lbs
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My name is Calimay, I am now four years old.
I am mixed with many different races.
I hope one day I will loose my front teeth and vampire teeth will grow in place I am a very energetic young lady, very outgoing. Not afraid to speak my mind buf I always use my manners. Very polite. I love to learn new big word and learn how to use them in sentences my self. I love my family! I hope to one day marry Jesus. My favorite person is my new baby brother jessiah. I love to take care of him and help mom and dad as much as I can. I am very responsible and organized for my age but of corse I am enjoying every moment of being a kid.
No experience beside home video performances.
I love outdoors, traveling and sight seeing. Don't forget the souvenirs! I love to go bike riding with my dad and shooting. I also enjoy dirt biking very much and fishing. As for indoor activities arts and crafts is fun but I enjoy using my imagination and playing house or telephone opporater my baby brother loves when I sing to him so I make lots of songs and sing to him sometimes even rap. Most of all I love to watch movies not just cartoons like every other kid. Some of my favorite movies are avatar and ET who I have a picture with by the way. "My girl" is one of my new favorites. 1 and 2. But yes I do love the Disney princess movies as well. Little mermaid is my favorite I love my parents to quiz me about movies I am very good at finding out the answer.
I can whistle, dance, sing, act, stand on my head, multitask, put my own hear up, draw, song write, swim, fishing, biking, etc......... And still learning more!