Blake Ryan Souviron
Murfreesboro, TN
Profile ID: 1609274

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    1 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 0''
  • Weight:
    25 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
I am a firework of personality! I love wind chimes, walking on my tip toes, and long walks in the stroller. I enjoy following my big sisters (dogs) around the house and yelling when the times call for a good yell. You can mostly catch me on the move because boy can I !
Putting anything and everything in my mouth at all times, making cackling noises that sound similar to a witch, making Mommy and Daddy exercise chasing me around the house, and sleeping for 12 hours straight.
You name it, I've got it!!!!