Chase Markey Stcyr
ID: 1495404
Rosedale, NY
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  • Age:
    2 y.o.
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I love to smile and laugh. I love finger foods! I say dada hi I also wave hello. I stand and walk with assistance. I love books! I love bright colors ! I can sit crawl and I dance ! I have two bottom teeth ! I love to mum to music or when someone is singing to me. I'm working on how to clap. I can hold my bottle and feed myself! I am very affectionate and give great kisses and hugs!
Holding the book while mommy reads to me. Playing with my new mini basketball hoop which this week I learned how to put the ball into the hoop! Standing up and bouncing while smiling ! Eating!
I can hold objects! I'm a fast learner ! I observe and I'm great at mimicking! Dancing while standing up holding on to something! I love to dance! I'm full of personality laugher n fun! Pretty much a happy baby!