Kamiyah Smith
Brooklyn, NY
Profile ID: 13938432

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    4 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 11''
  • Weight:
    35 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
Kamiyah is 4.4 years old. She is outgoing and active. She is the youngest child out of her 4 siblings. She loves her siblings, family, teachers, and friends very much. She really enjoys praises for her work. She enjoys playing with her peers. She enjoys listening to short stories, play dough, slime, art activities, building with her legos and magnet tiles. She is well behaved, respectful, and wiling to share with friends and family. Kamiyah is beautiful, intelligent, and has personality.
Kamiyah takes beautiful evoking photographs. She is able to recite scenes from her favorite movies. She has started providing reviews on her favorite items, such as, lip gloss, hand bags, toys, clothing, and activities. Kamiyah has participated in local fashion shows. Kamiyah is not shy and comes to life in front of the camera. Kamiyah is smart, she loves to learn new things. She has a lot of personality. Kamiyah is able to follow directions and has the ability to focus under pressure....
Kamiyah is currently taking ballet and swimming lessons. During her down time you can find her playing on her piano, painting, riding her scooter, jumping rope, playing with play dough, slime, having tea with her dolls and teddy bears, dancing and singing in the mirror. Kamiyah also enjoys recording herself doing product reviews. She enjoys taking phones using boomerang and taking selfie's of herself. Kamiyah loves hanging out at the park learning how to navigate the swing independently.....
Kamiyah takes beautiful pictures. She articulates very well. She is able to advocate for herself in a respectful manner. Kamiyah is able to evoke emotion. Kamiyah gives the best hugs and is able to make everyone around her feel special. Kamiyah learns quickly. Kamiyah has a good memory. Kamiyah is able to follow directions. Kamiyah is doing well in school. Kamiyah is able to focus while being under pressure. Kamiyah is able to act, sing, and dance well for age. Kamiyah is very spunky.