Remington Carroll
Morgantown, KY
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    8 y.o.
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Always has his heart on his sleeve. Loves to jump on his trampoline and play with his legos. He helps me take care of the animals that we rescue and find a good home for them. He loves to read and loves to act out things and always has a great personality.
None at the moment
Play with his legos and Jump on the trampoline. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Has the best personality and loves to play video games on his ps4 and loves to act out plays with his mommy. Loves to sing and dance. He helps his mommy rescue animals, adopt them, and fine them a good home. He's a amazing little boy and has a smile you will fall in love with.
Playing video games, jumping on this trampoline. He is great at imitating people and loves to act out plays