Amara Holloway
Philadelphia, PA
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    1 y.o.
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  • Weight:
    20 lbs
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Amara Sage is one of the smartest babies I've come across . The biggest personality for such a young baby as well . She's very photogenic & has been that way since she was able to sit up on her own haha . Her smile lights up the room & her laugh is contagious . Of course she can't talk much but no need because her facial expressions & body language says it all !
She has no experience . She had one photo shoot which really made me realize my baby had something special . She was able to follow the camera & smile , hold her poses & add her personality to the pictures effortlessly. Her father is also a model so it's in her blood ! haha
Eat , eat , & eat ! She loves running around until she gets tired . Her favorite show is Dave & Ava so she spends most of her time singing with them
She's very photogenic. I believe that's a talent because that means she's so much easier to work with when it comes to photo shoots & auditions .

She is a bit shy but she quickly warms up. I believe this is a talent for her age because most babies don't do well with strangers & may need more time to loosen up