Jailyn Gonzalez
Warren, MI
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    2 y.o.
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Jailyn is two years old and so full of life. She loves to laugh, sing her ABC's, and count 1-10! Jailyn is a beautiful mixture of a few different ethnicities including African American, Mexican American, German, and polish. Her gorgeous, kinky, curly texture hair hangs just below her shoulders and bounces up and down as she runs through the backyard playing on her favorite Land Rover toy!! My girl is beautiful inside and out, I'm so excited for her future, she is already so smart!!
Jailyn has no industry experience.
Jailyns hobbies are singing her ABC's, counting 1-10, reading books and watching her favorite YouTube shows. One of her favorite books is ABC's feel and touch! The girl is stuck to YouTube, she absolutely adores "baby shark", "cocomelon", and "word party". She knows her colors "red, blue, pink, yellow, green, and white". Jailyn also loooooves to be outside and in the water! She is obsessed with water, sometimes she takes a shower just to play in the water- my little water baby.
I would say over the 2 years of raising my First daughter, my one and only, I've found her to have many talents but the most important one to me is that she does not give up when trying a new hobbie. Jailyn finds her next activity and doesn't give up on it until she conquers it! For example when she learned to roll, crawl, and walk she wouldn't give up on it until she was 100% able to do all without a challenge. She knows how to dance, sing along, remember her favorite songs and people!