Samantha Thompson
Pompano Beach, FL
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    15 y.o.
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    5' 4''
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Samantha is a very fun happy and cheerful girl, she loved the entertainment industry since a child and has not fallen out of it. She's very easy-going along with dark brown eyes that sparkle gold in the light.She has a very pure sweet heart also very good when it comes to acting she takes upon the role like if it was her own story she's 14 going on 15 in January and would love to kick start her career as she's still young. She has a little puppy named milo she's been a animal lover since a baby,
None yet to come
Singing,ukulele,drawing,painting,portraits,baking,­hanging out with friends, fashion,makeup,collection plants and leafs,learning guitar, playing with her puppy,watching movies,listening to music,writing songs,writing poems.
Acting, modeling, singing, writing songs, drawing, ukulele,