Sofia Longo
Esperance, NY
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    1 y.o.
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Sofia is a very happy girl who enjoys being around her big family. She also loves music and will dance every time a tune comes on. She knows right from wrong but will also test you just to get a little spite out of you. She is very determined and when she starts something she wants to finish. She is a one of a kind and can brighten anyones day!
Learning shapes and animals being she is 14 months old. Dancing and "talking" and playing with her dog. She will get toys for him and throw them for him. She enjoys learning and discovering outside. Riding four wheelers with her dad, walking around picking flowers and raspberries with her grandma or playing pretend "chef"
Dancing to every song that you play for her..She loves to put on a show for people once she feels comfortable. She is a very quick learner. If you show her how to do something she will quickly mimic you. She can watch a video/movie and memorize the whole thing!!! Whether it be a part of a song, a scary part, or a person laughing...she will mimic it