Luxury Nesmith
North Little Rock, AR
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    2 y.o.
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My child is very much so a social butterfly! She makes friends very easily and speaks to generally everyone she comes into contact with. She is very bright. She was walking at eight months. She knew her ABC's and could identify them all at 16 months. All before the age of two she could count to 10, Identify all of her shapes, and colors. She can also spell her name and she is potty trained. She is a fighter. She never gives up when she wants something, and I like that about her.
We currently have no industry experience. But I recently took a break from school to focus on molding her while she still young. It is a leap of faith for me but I'm sure it will be an exciting venture. I'm sure it will be worth it
I like to do her hair and dress her up for a photo shoot's. I have always taken pictures of her. Recently her dad got her a back drop and camera for me to practice, As far as getting her used to professional photo shoots. After we shoot I like to go over educational things with her. I am a stay at home mom so we have lots of time for learning. That is mostly what we do besides crafty activities such as painting, drawing, and any other task for holiday fun.
My child is talented when it comes to music. She has a very good memory, so it's easy for her to rememberize beats and tunes. That's a talent to me how she can tap her fingers to certain beats of a songs or hums them when she doesn't notice I'm watching. She is also easy to teach. Not all kids have the patience to sit and learn. I love that about her as well.