Kolton McLoughlin
West Greenwich, RI
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    11 m.o.
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Kolton was born on May 9,2020. He is 5 months old at 26 inches and about 17 pounds. He has dark brown hair and blue/grey eyes like his dad.
Kolton doesn't have industry experience at 5 months old but he has a smile that lights up the room and has many different expressions.
He loves to stand and jump around with support. He loves the outdoors and swinging on mom or dads lap. Listening to music is his favorite, loves books and food!
Always done very well at tummy time with his head held high and now aiming to crawl. Rolled over at 2 months and rolled from belly to back at just three months. He sits up very well with support but will sit on his own soon. He is very smart funny and advanced.