Cc Shimerka
Bryan, TX
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    9 m.o.
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Catherine Charlotte is a sweet, silly and curious little girl. Finding out she was a SHE was a surprise, as we waited till birth to find out the gender! She was hand picked with her one cheek dimple, strong eyebrows and angel kiss on her forehead. She loves to talk in the mornings, play with her toys and to read books. Most of all she loves it when her daddy comes home from work! Right now CC is crawling and pulling up on everything. She is very attentive and really GOES.
Catherine Charlotte loves to make noise. Whether it's vocalizing her excitement or banging toys together, she is not afraid of sound. Her curiosity and active moments allows her to discover her surroundings my crawling, scooting and pulling herself up on things. She most of all likes to chase after her fur siblings.
Strong expressive facial expressions, being the center of attention and making noise.