Andi Novell
New Port Richey, FL
Profile ID: 13225662

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    13 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 5''
  • Weight:
    80 lbs
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  • Hair color:
Andi is an energetic, compassionate, outgoing 13 year old girl who loves to be around cameras and pose for photos. She can easily follow directions and is super responsible and mature for her age. She is a straight A honors home schooled student and loves to be around people and make new friends. She also has a very kind heart for people and a love for animals.
- A door of hope commercial-(lead role) 2018 see media for full video
- HC Talent Show 2020
- Christmas Cabaret 2017
- School Of Rock (Ensemble) 2018
- Joust The Musical (Merline-Lead) -2018
- Parody The Musical - 2018
- Zombies The Play (Addison- Lead) 2018
- Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hatter- Supporting Role) 2018
- Freaky Friday (Monica- Supporting Role) 2019
- Parody 2- 2020
- 4 years of ballet
- 2 years of acting classes
- 6 years of show choir

And more
Some of her hobbies include, learning ASL (beginner), drawing, singing, acting, dancing, baking, photography, knitting. She's also a huge Disney fanatic. She also is on a vocal competiton team and BAPA (Bay Area Performing Arts)
Andi has been performing since a very young age. She is a alto/mezzo soprano and knows some ballet. She has 2 years of professional training in acting and knows a little ASL but is still a beginner learner and is still continuing to learn.