Abigail Wossen
Cambridge, MA
Profile ID: 12786414

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    11 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 1''
  • Weight:
    50 lbs
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Abigail is a 11 year old who loves to act. Abigail is a very talented girl smart for her age. She can memorize dances and memorizes scrips and dances really quickly. She is also a level 3 gymnast. She has just started gymnastics at about 3-5 months ago. Abigail loves giving back to the community. She is a really generous girl. Her dream is to accomplish her dreams of becoming an actress/model. Abigail is a really smart girl has won some district awards. But she also likes to do tap dancing.
PBS Kids (Pinkalicious And Peteriffic 2 episodes)
PBS Kids (Arthur(original) 1 episode)
Improv Boston (10 shows)
Abigail's has multiple hobbies that keep her occupied such as. Playing Basketball, Playing Soccer, Playing Tennis, Acting, Singing, Making A Tik Tok. Taking Pictures, Filming Videos, Creating Music, Playing Guitar, Playing The Violin, Playing The Keyboard, Reading, Modeling, Mixing And Matching Outfits, Giving Motivational Advice, Playing "Just Dance", Playing Video Games, Baking, Creates Play's, Doing Gymnastics, Does Pottery/Ceramics, Drawing, Playing Games with Family And Friends, Does Sewing
Abigail has a lot of talents that represent her such as Playing The Violin, Playing The Keyboard, Playing The Guitar, Doing Gymnastics, Dancing, Singing, Making Tik Tok's Doing Math, Reading Books, Writing, Acting, Modeling, Speaks Amaharic (The Ethiopian Language), Speaks Spanish (In The School), Playing Video Games, Creating Roleplay Video's On ROBLOX (Popular Video Game), Speaks A little bit of French (Learns On Social Media), Sews Doll Clothing, Mixes And Match's Outfits. She love herself!!!