Tierney Anderson
North Aurora, IL
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    5 y.o.
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Tierney is smart beyond her years, funny, creative and kind. She loves to sing and dance and has a special fondness for all creatures from jungle animals to itty bitty insects. I am Tierney's maternal grandmother and have had custody of her and her younger sister for nearly 2 years, she has been through a lot in her very young life and has thrived despite every "Bad" experience. She loves to make Tik Tok videos and and is definitely front and center when cameras are rolling.
None at this time. Looking to get her started as she has expressed her desire to "Do Acting" LOL. She has an amazing ability to memorize and loves to mimic dance moves she sees on tv.
Sing, dance, color and paint. Plant flowers And vegetables. Take care of her puppies. Reading and sticker books. Cooking with Mimi (grandma)
Gymnastics and swimming
Singing, dancing, gymnastics, memorization skills