Bella Mae Lindsey
Seattle, WA
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    1 y.o.
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My Bella Mae has always been an absolute lover of life. -she even wakes up clapping and celebrating! Lol. She's independent & loves socializing, hugging & kissing anyone under the age of atleast 7 because hey, those are her people. :) adults she's always up to give a high-five. She's very tough, she'll fall over and over scrapping up her knees and hands and "dusts it off" so she may be modeling with some bandaids . Her spirit is always bright and I know she'll be a great candidate/model/star
As of now she has no industry experience.
Bella loves reading books, shooting hoops, running through sprinklers, taking gymnastics and swimming, dancing, putting records away in her player, cruising the neighborhood in her convertible, waving and saying "hi" to all she sees, playing hide and seek, painting, playing piano, harmonica, and the drums, placing objects in/out of objects, and throwing dirt in the air like confetti !
All but not limited to her hobbies listed above.